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November 19 World Toilet Day

Nearly two people in five do not have access to adequate sanitation. This contributes greatly to the spread of disease and loss of health and education. World Toilet Day aims to improve toilets for all through providing more and cleaner sanitation facilities, especially for women and the disabled.

World Toilet Day

Contributors' notes

Francine Smith said:

15 November 2012

World Toilet Day is such a great chance to take a day to think about how lucky we are to have something we take for granted many times every single day: that is, toilet facilities at home and around the community that offer us privacy, dignity and hand-washing facilities to prevent the spread of disease. I can personally recommend the terrific Sanitation activities on this website (see also the new Hand Washing school case-study) to teachers who want to use Nov 19th to engage with an issue that touches all of us at the most basic level. I'd love to share ideas and resources with any teachers interested.

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